Can You Live Longer Playing Bingo ?

Can you actually live longer by playing bingo? According to some sources yes you can. While the question may seem somewhat peculiar there have been actual studies done about the link of bingo to longevity and good health. A few months ago the news story of a 105 year old woman who loves to play bingo made headlines. Her bubbly personality made many wonder if playing bingo can actually promote longevity. There are no scientific studies to prove this claim but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Life expectancies are getting longer. A person born today who never smokes and leads a healthy lifestyle can expect to live 120 years thanks to advances in medical science.

Marie Cwiek is well over the century mark at 106 years old. She says she enjoys playing bingo more than anything else. She plays bingo for an hour every day from 3 pm to 4pm. Playing bingo is just one of the activities she shares with 40 other residents of her care home. In 2009 a similar report was written about 102 year old Anne Webster from Shipley, Yorkshire who is also an avid bingo player. 101 year old Joseph “Frey” Perry also enjoyed playing bingo before he died.

There have been several discussions about the possible health benefits of bingo. It is not clear whether the health benefits are directly related to the game. Bingo does provide some established benefits. The opportunity for socialization is very important. Socially active are less prone to depression and are happier. Bingo also provides the brain with much needed exercise. The game also utilizes sight and hearing and builds hand eye coordination. Since the game involves the rapid recognition of numbers and patterns it improves mental alertness. Mental exercise can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Bingo is one of the most frequently played games in senior citizen homes. While the game may not require too much physical exertion it does require focus and concentration.  Bingo provides benefits in four major categories; mental, physical, social and psychological. Keeping the brain in good shape is a definite plus and one study done in Chicago clearly demonstrated the power of bingo in maintaining brain function. What other game is so much fun and provides so many benefits at the same time.