Defiant Bingo Hall Worker Dies in Shootout

A bingo game in South Carolina got way out of hand after a gang killed a 76 year old bingo player over her bingo winnings. A gang approached Dorothy Hendrix was shot twice by the cowardly gang of two men and a woman outside her South Carolina home late Saturday night. Hendrix managed to shoot one of her assailants in the abdomen before she died of her wounds. Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway have been charged with her murder.

The victim’s brother Ronnie Lollis told local reporters ‘She fought. She was a fighter. She shot him.’ Mrs. Hendrix who was known as Dot to her many friends was returning to her Anderson County home around 1 am when the gang struck. Mrs. Hendrix fired at one of the gang and one of them fired back hitting Mrs. Hendrix in the arm and abdomen.

A neighbor called police after hearing the shots and but Mrs. Hendrix died of her woundsoutside her home while a relative held her hand. Hagood, who she shot in the arm was taken to a local hospital and is under guard. Hagood has been charged with murder and was served with a warrant for unpaid child support of $80,000. The other two gang members are also facing murder charges.

Mse Hendrix worked as a volunteer at a bingo club and obtained a concealed carry permit after being robbed in 2011. The robbers in the earlier attack were never caught and police have not said whether the two robberies are connected. Anderson County Sheriff told reporters ‘This was not a random act. The robbery was planned, and she was specifically targeted. The trio had knowledge that Hendrix carried large sums of money home with her at night.’

Mr. Lollis said his sister had learned how to fire a gun after the earlier robbery and had a weapons permit. Lollis told reporters ‘She had been robbed right here at her house, coming out of her house. That’s what made her get her gun. I don’t understand why she wanted to keep coming back.’ Casino and bingo hall workers have been targeted in several cities. For those who enjoy bingo games in a safe environment internet bingo is probably the best option.