Types of Bingo Jackpots Explained

There are several kinds of jackpots that internet bingo players can win. Some of these jackpots may be confusing to a new player so an easy explanation of the different types of bingo jackpots can be helpful for the uninitiated. There are many reasons why people choose to play bingo and most players say that socializing and the chance to win some extra cash are the main reasons they play bingo. For most bingo players financial gain is secondary and they view the games as a social activity; a chance to get out of the house for an evening with friends. Online bingo players view the games the same way. Online bingo jackpots tend to be larger than those found at brick and mortar bingo halls.

In the beginning jackpots were limited to coverall and progressive but recently a new type of jackpot has emerged; the guaranteed game. Of all the jackpots the guaranteed is the most popular among players. Guaranteed jackpots are the only one that does not require players to call bingo within a predetermined number of calls. Guaranteed jackpots do what they say; pay out the advertised amount no matter how many calls have been made. This is why they are so popular.

Progressive jackpots are popular and can get really huge. Usually the prize pool is determined by the number of cards sold. Progressive jackpots are basiczally governed by the number of calls required to win the displayed jackpot. The number of calls required to win varies from one bingo site to another. When playing a 75 ball progressive jackpot game the number of calls to win each game will vary from game to game. Different card patterns may be used and the number of calls adjusted to the pattern. When playing progressive jackpot games players should always read and understand the rules and terms and conditions.

As the name suggests coverall games require all of the squares on the card to be covered to win. A coverall jackpot is the reverse of a progressive jackpot. Instead of increasing with each game a coverall jackpot will will decrease as the coverall game progresses. While a pot may start at a million players would have to fill their cards in just 40 calls which is next to impossible. So far only a few people have actually won large coverall jackpots but it is still fun to try!