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90 Ball Bingo Game: Boing Boing Bingo!

90 Ball Bingo is a game of chance where, when lady luck smiles you get totally hooked and smitten. And even when she plays a little hard to get, one never really wants to give up.

A number of us at some time or the other have played 90 Ball Bingo, especially the traditional format where a caller rolls the cage and calls out the number.

A player can so easily access the game from any location and also enjoy the pleasure of playing against players from across the world thanks to online casinos that offer bingo games.

One of the earliest known online Bingo games was launched in 1996 and was called “Bingo Zone”. And as far as I know it was free.
The game of 90 Ball Bingo according to Internet Bingo Sites is full of fun and excitement with numbers beautifully fashioned on the bingo card. The card is a 27 square grid and has 9 columns and 3 rows with a placement of 15 numbers across the card. The name 90 balls bingo is derived from the fact that the distribution of the no’s on the card is from 0-90.

How to play 90 ball bingo, here it is, so easy

This to bingo game is usually played in three stages or in three patterns.

The first stage is a first line win, will see the player daub all five numbers on any of the three lines available.
The second stage line win will reward for daubing all ten numbers on any of the two lines available, while the third stage i.e., a full house win will pay out for daubing all the numbers on the bingo ticket.
Certain interesting features such as “auto daub” marks of the numbers on the cards just as they are called out thereby ensure zero error by the player. This in my opinion is extremely helpful.

The players who are able to achieve all three ways of winning on the card are rewarded high. The caller calls up the numbers in a random fashion and the player matches those numbers on their cards, till the time all the numbers get cancelled with the called out ones. The prize is distributed evenly amongst two players if both are able to collect full house.

The most unique thing is that a player has two options while selecting a ticket, he or she can either click on the ticket they wish to play on or they can let the computer randomly select it for them.

The friendly chat team at most online sites helps to iron out problems so that the game can continue without hindrance and deliver complete satisfaction and pleasure to the players. Refreshing clutter free layouts also make the game easy to be followed and enjoy.
Even though internet connections can play havoc at times and are not always stable so a player can get disconnected while playing a game but many online sites offer a feature whereby the computer will automatically daub your card and your winnings will be credited to your account. VOILA!