Latest Bingo News

Latest Bingo News

New Look Bingo: Offers you the perfect package of fun

LOOK: More fun at New Look Bingo

Among the huge lot of games accessible over the net, online bingo has gained a remarkable amount of popularity. This game of luck has become indomitable due to various aspects like a good bonus system, exciting promotions, cash prizes, a reliable customer support team to shower the players with.

These reasons may differ from player to player, some play to relax their mind, some for winning prizes and others for overcoming their loneliness. Here is this considerably new site called New Look Bingo which has something in store for all kinds of players.

They provide this game of fun 24/7, which the players can access and play from their couches or from anywhere else in this whole world. Instillation of the best range of bingo games like the classic 90-ball, 75-ball bingo and 80-ball bingo along with exciting promotions acts as a great incentive for the players to hop into the site and have a fun-filled experience. These bingo games are provided in 8 different rooms just for the players to invest and play according to their satisfaction. Talking about uniqueness they have the best and different set of promotions for the players to savor on. Few of the exclusive promotions to mention are Bingo your way to cinemas, Bingo stars or slots wiz? etc. Bingo your way to cinemas is where players get to dazzle their life with the touch of Hollywood by winning free movie tickets to Cineworld. While in Bingo stars or slots wiz players get to choose their forte, be a part of this game and win massive cash prizes in return.

New Look Bingo has always believed in catering the players with their best services and specially they have considered the socializing aspect very seriously. Thus, after a registration the player’s account instantly gets credited with £5 bonus with which they can enjoy all the free games available on site. In addition to this on making a minimum qualifying deposit of £10 they get to enjoy a free play worth £65.

Moreover, they have this very warm and friendly customer support team who undoubtedly make sure that the players are having a comfortable and memorable journey. They entertain the players with various chat games and readily respond to any query asked by them. They follow a strong and regular social media presence in major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where in the players can be part of various interactive contest and get chance to win exciting prizes

Login to this enthralling site now, so that you play bingo to your heart’s content and also not miss out on any big promo!

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Latest Bingo News

90 Ball Bingo Game: Boing Boing Bingo!

90 Ball Bingo is a game of chance where, when lady luck smiles you get totally hooked and smitten. And even when she plays a little hard to get, one never really wants to give up.

A number of us at some time or the other have played 90 Ball Bingo, especially the traditional format where a caller rolls the cage and calls out the number.

A player can so easily access the game from any location and also enjoy the pleasure of playing against players from across the world thanks to online casinos that offer bingo games.

One of the earliest known online Bingo games was launched in 1996 and was called “Bingo Zone”. And as far as I know it was free.
The game of 90 Ball Bingo according to Internet Bingo Sites is full of fun and excitement with numbers beautifully fashioned on the bingo card. The card is a 27 square grid and has 9 columns and 3 rows with a placement of 15 numbers across the card. The name 90 balls bingo is derived from the fact that the distribution of the no’s on the card is from 0-90.

How to play 90 ball bingo, here it is, so easy

This to bingo game is usually played in three stages or in three patterns.

The first stage is a first line win, will see the player daub all five numbers on any of the three lines available.
The second stage line win will reward for daubing all ten numbers on any of the two lines available, while the third stage i.e., a full house win will pay out for daubing all the numbers on the bingo ticket.
Certain interesting features such as “auto daub” marks of the numbers on the cards just as they are called out thereby ensure zero error by the player. This in my opinion is extremely helpful.

The players who are able to achieve all three ways of winning on the card are rewarded high. The caller calls up the numbers in a random fashion and the player matches those numbers on their cards, till the time all the numbers get cancelled with the called out ones. The prize is distributed evenly amongst two players if both are able to collect full house.

The most unique thing is that a player has two options while selecting a ticket, he or she can either click on the ticket they wish to play on or they can let the computer randomly select it for them.

The friendly chat team at most online sites helps to iron out problems so that the game can continue without hindrance and deliver complete satisfaction and pleasure to the players. Refreshing clutter free layouts also make the game easy to be followed and enjoy.
Even though internet connections can play havoc at times and are not always stable so a player can get disconnected while playing a game but many online sites offer a feature whereby the computer will automatically daub your card and your winnings will be credited to your account. VOILA!

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Latest Bingo News

This Winter Freeze in for Some Good Gifts, Playing Bingo

The change in the season creates a stir in our minds. All of us get ready with new plans and preparations to move on with. And, when it is the Winter season then the preparatory list is quite a big and a changing one too. As we tend to make changes and additions to the list. With festival fun like Halloween, Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is obvious for all of us to have a wish list. The start of Winters rings the bell of the beginning of these festivities.

The start of Winters is a piece of good news for bingo sites and players too. Every bingo site ensures to reward their players with the best offerings. It is time for Santa Claus to walk down the streets with his bag of goodies. And, at some bingo sites he has already done so. At all sites, you will find a good range of festive offerings embedded across the gaming rooms, instructing players as Let’s Play Bingo.

In fact, Winters are the best time to get associated with some good bingo specials and get lucky to bag interesting prize giveaways. Starting from Halloween and going till New Year celebration, players have this exclusive chance of grabbing some great goodies. Bingo sites dedicate their prizes to an interesting load of goodies.

Even players await for some good promotional offerings across all bingo sites. With numerous festivities around the corner, even players wish to escape from their big budget. Getting lucky for a bingo jackpot or some exclusive goodies like gadgets or shopping vouchers sounds a great idea. All bingo sites ensure to affix their bingo games with a good load of festive specials.

Participating in the fun and getting lucky for the winnings will certainly cut down on your festive budget. Getting lucky with the prizes, you can move on to buy whatever is necessary.

For some really good festive offerings, check out GameVillage Bingo. The site has an unbeatable section of promotional offerings for all its players. Also, keep your lucky charms ready to stash the big cash. This Winter, online bingo play is going to be fun and rewarding.

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Bingo Blitz Subscriptions Huge Success

Buffalo Studios cross platform game Bingo Blitz is one of the most popular and played games on Facebook. Other game developers have tried to copy it but none have had the success of Bingo Blitz. Bingo Blitz mixes traditional bingo with arcade style game play. The game offers players a unique social game experience and about 2.7 million people play regularly so they use different server services from sites as in different countries as Canada to keep the game running all the time. Bingo Blitz added another twist to the classic game; monthly premium subscriptions that give players benefits and exclusive rewards. The game offers larger daily bonuses for every day that subscribers come back to play in addition to VIP access to special bingo rooms.

Buffalo Studios has increased total revenues by 8% using subscriptions. The company has created a steady and predictable monetary stream that other game developers can only dream about. BINGO Blitz subscribers are the game’s most dedicated players and 85% return daily to collect their rewards. Monthly renewal rates are 80%. Bingo Blitz is also available to play on iOS, Android, and  Subscriptions follow the Facebook payments engine. Chris Bowden, senior software engineer at Buffalo Studios, said that integrating the game with subscriptions on Facebook was “painless, especially considering the amount of business value exposed by such a simple API.”

Subscriptions are bringing another revenue stream to game developers who have traditionally relied on one-time purchases to monetize players. Since games like Bingo Blitz provide subscribers with ongoing value they also provide game developers with a predictable source of revenue that will build over time. Buffalo Studios is using subscriptions to complement the traditional monetization of one time purchases. Buffalo Studios tries to make subscribers feel unique and special compared to regular players. Bingo Blitz has created features and perks only available to subscribers such as bonuses and credits along with VIP access to special playing rooms, which feature varying cities. Custom icons and avatars are created for subscribers.

Bingo Blitz does not make all of the perks available to players when they sign up for a subscription. Instead Bingo Blitz unlocks the features over the course of a subscription. The game unlocks substantial value when the subscription renewal date is approaching. The goal is to deliver value before the 30 day rollover period. These methods have earned Bingo Blitz a subscription renewal rate of 80%. It would appear that Buffalo Studios has mastered the art of player monetization.

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Texas Bingo Hall Operators Cheating Charities

In the United States many churches and charities depend on funding from bingo games. In Texas charitable bingo is a big business generating about $700 million annually. The games are allowed because some of the proceeds are supposed to go to charities. Unfortunately because of a lack of state oversight very little of that money actually ends up in the hands of nonprofits. Percy Spence is the commander for the Randolph Area, Chapter 17, of the Disabled American Veterans. About two years ago the organization signed an agreement with a San Antonio bingo hall hoping to make money.

Instead of making money the DAV chapter went bankrupt. At the time Spence questioned his leadership skills. Spence told reporters that at the time it was “Very embarrassing, first of all. Lot of tears at night. How did I let this happen?” After eleven months the DAV chapter had to give up their bingo license. Spence stated “You can get in debt real quick. And this is the lottery commission and they know you’re out there to make money. But if the commanders or the people in charge of these 501(c)(3)’s are not smart with the business, it can bankrupt you right quick.”

Percy said the bingo hall they were working with was making hundreds of thousands but when it came to the chapter to get their cut they had barely made enough money to cover their taxes. Trouble Shooter Mireya Villarreal asked Percy “When you started to look at the numbers, where was the money going.” Percy replied “It’s very hard to tell. The expenses were more than what we were bringing in, basically.” Spence’s story is not uncommon in Texas. Villarreal has been reviewing state records that document the amount made by bingo halls and how much is actually going to nonprofits.

In 2010 bingo brought in $700 million in Texas but after prizes, salaries and fees were paid charities received less than $34 million, less than 5%. Garcia Properties, Inc. operates three bingo halls in the San Antonio area. Four nonprofits work out of the Callaghan Bingo hall. Last year Callaghan Bingo grossed $3.75 million but only $11,449 was given to charities. Television reporters tried to talk with the hall’s owners but were rebuffed. Finally the company’s CEO, Peter Garcia, told reporters that expenses take most of their profits. He also said that if the charities don’t like the way things are done they should take their business elsewhere.

The flap has attracted the attention of some state legislator who want more oversight over charity games and the way funds are distributed. Hopefully they will take action and operators like Garcia will be forced to take their operations elsewhere.

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European Internet Gambling Forecast

Most online gambling observers may be all excited about the prospects of internet gambling in the United States but many industry experts say that most real industry growth will take place in Europe. Currently Europe shows the most potential for expansion in the near future. In 2009 online gambling operators in Europe reported a 44.9% increase in total gaming revenues. If those figures are combined with additional gaming increases during the last two years, the black Friday events earlier in the year and the US government’s continual waffling on online gambling Europe appears to be the ‘Best Emerging Market’ in 2012.

In Europe one of the main reasons for industry expansion are Europe’s acceptance of gambling as a legitimate entertainment option and most countries have a long history of legal gambling. In addition several EU states are liberalizing their internet gaming laws and are moving in the direction of regulation instead of prohibition. The UK currently has the world’s largest regulated internet gaming market and internet bingo is the largest sector of the British internet gaming industry. Several interesting statistics have emerged from European markets and here are a few;

In 2009 the global gambling industry was estimated at $355 billion (USD) and is expected to grow to $385 billion by the end of 2012.

Of the totals the European gaming industry accounted for €82 billion ($107,611,863,727.88 USD) in 2009 and experts say the figure will hit €90 billion by the end of this year. Europe will account for 30% of gaming market share by the end of 2012.

Licensed gambling in the UK, including online bingo, is expected to reach £10.0 billion ($15,718,833,201.03 USD) by year’s end.

In Italy licensed gaming will reach €21.3 billion by the end of the year.

Experts predict that licensed French gaming will hit €9.8 billion by year’s end.

Licensed Spanish gambling may generate more than €10.2 billion by year’s end despite high unemployment and an economy in a deep recession.

If legalization of internet gambling takes place on a state by state basis in the United States the European gaming market will easily outstrip the US market generating more revenues for gaming operators targeting European gamblers. The Italian gaming market has displayed rapid growth and may overtake British gaming markets this year. Italy began issuing licenses in 2010 and is now Europe’s largest market for online poker. While the US drags its heels regarding legalization Europe is moving ahead.

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Facebook Bingo Sparks Concerns Among Internet Bingo Operators

Facebook has had a profound effect on society as a whole. The popular social networking site has over 800 million users around the world. Users can communicate, set up fan pages, form groups, make new friends and play games on the popular site. Since Facebook has so many users and reaches so many demographics the potential of Facebook for advertisers can easily be seen. Last year Facebook reversed its position regarding advertising for online gambling. Online bingo operators were quick to take advantage of the shift in policy. In January Facebook and game developer Zynga announced plans to launch a new Facebook app and some in the internet bingo industry feel threatened.

Online bingo operators are concerned that Facebook will be able to use their massive user base to launch an advertising campaign for their own online bingo game brands. While online bingo companies must pay for advertising on Facebook an advertising campaign by Facebook would cost the company little giving Facebook what some see as an unfair advantage. In the UK over 50% of the population have Facebook accounts and bingo operators are justifiably nervous. In addition Facebook has access to millions of user profiles that could be easily used to target bingo players. One unnamed executive at one of the top online bingo brands expressed his concerns and stated “Around 50% of the UK has Facebook accounts; this provides them with a substantial base to jump start gambling operations. While online bingo sites do their best to target marketing campaigns at groups of people that MAY have an interest in bingo, such as TV advertising at key times, this is expensive and is only a broad match.”

The same executive also said that most online marketing is expensive and relies on users searching for specific keywords. The executive went on to say “Facebook, however, has the opportunity of advertising to its own users at no cost and can also search out all users that have the word bingo in their profiles.” He also said that Facebook has the potential to become one of the largest online bingo operators and poses a greater threat to UK bingo operators than the proposed remote gaming tax proposed by the UK government.

Some in the industry disagree and point out that internet bingo has the highest player retention rate of any sector of the remote gaming industry. Internet bingo operators have spent a lot of time and money building player loyalty and many say that it is unlikely that these players would suddenly shift to Facebook bingo.

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